In only a few weeks, you can understand the basics you need to start, run and grow your business.

Courses are self-paced with ongoing support!

Purchase the 3-course bundle by 12/31/2020 and get the Estimated Tax Mini-Course for FREE!

Three Course Bundle
SAVE $140

I own two successful businesses and have spent thousands of hours helping small business owners learn critical concepts and skills. My courses are the result of that work, from which you can now benefit!

These three courses are for the small business owner who wants to gain confidence around the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, cash management, cash planning, financial analysis and using spreadsheets. They can be taken individually and in any order. 

These courses will help you take charge, plan, organize and manage your business.

Get all three business courses now for a discounted price! This is a "buy two get one 1/2 price" deal. Each course separately is $275 each. Get this bundle for only $685, saving $140! Three courses:

  • Accounting Basics & Bookkeeping 
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Analysis

YEAR END SPECIAL: Buy the Business Course Bundle by 12/31/2020 and get the Estimated Tax Mini-Course free!

Business Course Bundle - Save $140

Cost: $275
Duration: 3 weeks

Learn what accounting is and how it works. No longer feel lost speaking with your accountant. Learn to do your own bookkeeping with Quickbooks or another method, or properly oversee your bookkeepers work!

QB overview and Accounting spreadsheet included!

Accounting Course

Cost: $275
Duration: 3 weeks

Better manage banking, cash flow, saving, paying yourself and forecasting. I explore a variety of ways to structure and manage cash flow. Develop a method and a plan that reflects your values and goals!

Learn the Profit First method and alternatives!

Cash Mgmt Course

Cost: $275
Duration: 3 weeks

Analyze result by determining factors that influence success and growth for your business. Learn to track and measure outcomes using spreadsheets and graphs. These skills enable you to plan for the future!

Downloadable spreadsheets to save and reuse!

Fin. Analysis Course


  • Lifetime access!!!!
  • These are pre-recorded videos. You have access to ask questions and get individualized support as you go through each course. 
  • Each course lasts three weeks; investment in time is 30-60 minutes per week.
  • All videos have closed captioning.

Jennie Schottmiller, CPA

Jennie Schottmiller is a CPA as well as licensed marriage and family therapist in Pennsylvania. She has an active solo therapy practice and runs a facebook group and a website to help small business owners understand accounting, tax and financial analysis matters. Jennie fills in the gap between what business owners need to know and what accountants typically share.

Coaching with Jennie

Learn about estimating your taxes and get a spreadsheet to help you develop the estimate!

Estimated Taxes

No accounting software? This spreadsheet based Profit & Loss statement is perfect!