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What about the business side of your private practice?

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Become confident and comfortable with the business aspects of being self-employed. No more worrying about what you are missing or what you don't know. 
New modules released each week. Pause and restart any time as needed. Go back through the modules later, you will have full access for two years!

"Clinicians need accounting, tax and business topics explained in plain language. That is what Simple Profit Courses provide."

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Whether you use Profit First or another method, an accounting system or a spreadsheet, do your own taxes or use a CPA, there are some basics crucial to ensuring you are set-up for success. There is no a one-size-fits-all. Varied options will be presented for you to choose what is best for you as a business owner.

INCLUDES: business systems, banking options, how to pay yourself (Profit First and alternatives), what to do if you are overwhelmed and deciding what is right/best for you.


Understanding accounting is important whether you are doing your own accounting, paying a bookkeeper, or using a CPA. Accounting for a private practice is not complex, but accounting is its own language. Rather than take a generic course, this one is specifically geared toward self-employed clinicians.

INCLUDES: introduction to accounting, accounting transactions for a self-employed clinician, basics of accounting systems including Quickbooks and reconciliations.


Once you have chosen and established the processes you want, and you understand how to account for your business, it is time to decide how to manage the business side of your private practice. This course will cover basic spreadsheet and financial analysis skills to help you manage your business results. 

INCLUDES: how to read financial statements, introduction to spreadsheets, examples of tracking business data including downloads, budgeting and income projection.

5-week course open now!

Do not worry if you have a vacation planned - GO AT YOUR OWN PACE. New modules will be released each week for 5 weeks but you can go through them on your own time. Plan to set aside one hour per week for 5 weeks. You will have the opportunity to ask questions as you go through the course, no matter how many weeks it takes you to go through it because you will have access to this course for two years! Come back and revisit the content or topic areas as you solidify your business processes.

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Take this course ONCE and it will pay dividends as long as you own your business! You will be educated and EMPOWERED to run your business effectively and efficiently!

Getting Started: Accounting & Business Basics


One payment of $565 or two payments of $285 each

5-week Getting Started Course

Banking, Business Processes, Accounting and Financial Analysis!


Getting Started Course AND Quarterly Tax Mini-Course


One payment of $665 or two payments of $335 each

5-week Getting Started Course

PLUS Quarterly Tax Mini-Course for ONLY an additional $100!


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