FREE Home Office Deduction Spreadsheet

Working from home?

This worksheet will help you track direct and indirect expenses for the home office deduction. Use this spreadsheet to prepare for tax time or to show your costs for your employer!

Applies to US federal taxes. 


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Download the Free Spreadsheet 

You will be able to choose an Excel
spreadsheet or a Google sheet. 

Spreadsheet Tutorial!

Watch this video for a quick overview of the tracking spreadsheet!


What if I am an employee?

You can still use this spreadsheet! Businesses can take this deduction, not individuals. What this means is you need to convince your employer to reimburse you for home office expenses. Use the tracking spreadsheet to demonstrate these costs.

You are likely incurring additional costs if you have to work from home and saving your employer money by not using leased office space. This gives you a great argument to be reimbursed for a portion of your home office costs. Laying them out on this tracking spreadsheet will help make your case!


Know these 5 facts before you talk to your tax professional!

Jennie Schottmiller is a CPA. She simplifies complicated topics for small business owners and helps them make business decisions with confidence. Jennie is also a licensed family therapist and operates a private practice in Pennsylvania in addition to the educational business, Simple Profit.


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