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Not ready to pay an accountant hundreds of dollars every month?

Or do you keep finding errors made by your accountant or bookkeeper?

Unsure what or when to outsource

Are you new to being a business owner and not sure where to start?

Have you been in business a while but never set up systems and processes?

Ready to advance your business knowledge and analysis skills? 

Save hundreds to thousands of your hard earned money using the Simple Profit tutorials, webinars and coaching!

What is Simple Profit?

Hi! I am Jennie Schottmiller, family therapist and CPA. I started Simple Profit to provide education, resources and support to small business owners.

Small business owners have special skills and abilities in particular areas that aren't bookkeeping, accounting or taxes. When business owners go to ask their tax professional a question, they are not always met with a welcoming, warm or helpful response.

This is where Simple Profit comes in. 

As a CPA, I keep up on all the latest changes in the tax law that impact you as a business owner. I love helping business owners gain insight and clarity so they can make business decisions such as choosing a form of business, planning to hire a first employee and determining if an expense is deductible. I also enjoy giving practical support such as helping set up QuickBooks Online or understanding how to use any accounting system.

As a family therapist, I really want to help people. I will explain an accounting topic 10 different ways if that is what it takes for it to make sense. 

When you join Simple Profit, you are joining a community of business owners where you can ask questions and get straight forward, accurate answer and you will never have to feel bad for not already knowing.

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Why keep your own books?

Small business owners may only have a handful transactions per week for their business. Paying someone else hundreds of dollars per month to track these few expenses is not a great use of resources.

Doing your own bookkeeping ensures you will be aware at all time where your business stands. You need this information whether you outsource this task or not. Better to pay a small fee monthly to ensure you know how to account for your business than a large fee and not know what is going on.

Business Community

The Simple Profit Community allows you to ask questions in particular topic areas such as QuickBooks, the Profit First system, Owners Pay, Hiring Employees and Tax Questions.

In addition to being able to ask questions and get answers any time, members are invited to monthly meetings including live Q&A and get access to monthly content and resources. 

Simple Profit Tutorials

Membership comes with access to an ever growing library of content to help you mange your business.

Tutorials include:

  • Preparing for tax season
  • Owners pay
  • Estimating taxes
  • S-Corp decision
  • Hiring/employee pay
  • Accounting: bookkeeping basics, accounting spreadsheets, Quickbooks online
  • Profit First allocations
  • Business dashboards

Ask a question in the community and it just may lead to a live Q&A or end up as a library resource!

Monthly Webinars

Jennie hosts a live webinar each month. Most webinars include a presentation on a particular topic followed by live Q&A, and some are Q&A only sessions. Lives are recorded and saved for those who can't attend live. Past lives include:

  • Profit First method
  • Estimated taxes
  • Retirement planning
  • Business profitability

Accounting Support

Ask accounting, bookkeeping and tax questions and get customized tutorials

  • Quickbooks tutorials
  • Other accounting system answers
  • Bookkeeping answers
  • Learn bookkeeping rules
  • Accounting spreadsheets 

Financial Tools

Download spreadsheet tools to help make important business decisions

  • Estimate your own taxes
  • S-Corp decision, will it save?
  • Profit First/cash flow tools
  • Budgeting & dashboard tools
  • Hiring analysis

Ask Questions

Multiple ways to ask and get answers to your questions

  • Monthly live presentation w/Q&A
  • Private community
  • Interactive
  • Content added every month
  • 1:1 coaching (additional fee)

Next Webinar for members:

Business Deductions for Remote Work (Home & Travel) 

Whether you work from home part-time, full time or work while traveling, this webinar will help you become familiar with tracking and deducting expenses.

August 12, 2022 at 4pm eastern 

Can't join live? All webinars are recorded and uploaded to the membership library!

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  • Resources & tools
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  • Online community
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Resources & tools
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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Resources

Simple Profit has a number of free resources. Whether you are just thinking of starting your business or have been in business for years, these resources can help you know what can be deducted, tax basics, choosing or changing your form of business, hiring and employee benefits, how to pay yourself as the business owner and more. 

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