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You know your business better than anyone else can. You also need to know how to read a set of financial statements, evaluate and analyze your business results, be compliant with business tax rules and develop a cash management plan that works for you. Although you may rely on professionals from time to time, having knowledge in the area of accounting, tax and financial analysis will help you discern which professionals are capable, reliable and trustworthy and ensure your business runs well. 



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Form of Business Webinar

Before deciding on a form of business, learn the basics. The new tax law changed this decision. Be better able to have an informed discussion with an accountant and attorney after this webinar.


Common Tax Deductions

Know what you can deduct

Mental Health Clinicians

Coaching Business

Service Businesses

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Simple Profit Courses

Don't remain in the dark, feeling lost and confused. Simple Profit courses walk you through all you need to know with opportunities to ask questions specific to your private practice.

Accounting Spreadsheet

If you are not ready for accounting software, this spreadsheet package may be an option for you. It includes a basic spreadsheet and an advanced option that allows you to download and categorize transactions from your bank. Plus access to training videos for 6 months.

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Estimated Tax Mini Course

Self-employed business owners often need to pay estimated tax to the IRS. Learn how to estimate and pay taxes, how to avoid a penalty and how to understand your tax return and tax rate.

Estimated Tax Mini Course


Speak with Jennie Schottmiller, CPA about your business plans, needs, accounting and tax topics or any related topic you need help with. Jennie bridges the gap between what you need to know and what your accountant typically tells you.

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