The Simple Profit Membership is a collection of educational resources, useful tools and live support for small business owners.


The Membership contains over a dozen tutorials you can watch on your own time. You can also ask questions about anything in the tutorials as you go through them. See the list of tutorials below. You keep downloaded PDF and spreadsheet handouts if you cancel your membership. 


Within the tutorials there are spreadsheets and handouts that help you run the day to day operations of your business. These tools can be customized to fit your business needs. If you need a spreadsheet that is not already found, you may request to have a customized spreadsheet created.   

Support & coaching

Members can ask unlimited questions in the private community or member only email. There is a Q&A along with each monthly webinar and prior to each estimated tax deadline. Most questions can be answered in 24-48 hours. Research questions are typically answered in 2-6 weeks. 

Tutorials & Tools List

The membership includes video tutorials, spreadsheets, handouts, the ability to ask unlimited questions, training and coaching services. Individual tutorials and webinars is each worth hundreds of dollars by itself. By joining the membership you get all this content and the ability to ask questions for a super low monthly price. And the cost is a business deduction!

  • Bookkeeping including how to setup your books,¬†spreadsheets you can download, how to use software for accounting.¬†
  • Estimating taxes including a spreadsheet to calculate what you might owe, rules, how to pay your federal IRS payments and where to find information for your state payments.
  • Choosing a form of business. The membership includes an entity selection matrix that summarizes and compares sole proprietor, LLC, S-Corp and C-Corp options. Additionally, my estimated tax spreadsheet¬†will¬†show you what your taxes¬†might be if you elect S-Corp status.¬†
  • Owner pay. Use spreadsheets to help calculate what to pay yourself, how much to save for your own paid time off, and how to comply with reasonable salary requirements if you are an S-Corp owner.
  • Hiring cost estimator to calculate what a revenue generating employee or independent contractor might bring in and cost you, to determine what you can afford to pay or provide for benefits. Also ways to calculate pay for admin staff or intern.
  • Cash flow management¬†including tools to calculate percentage transfers under the Profit First method or alternative methods to understand, plan and manage your business cash flow.¬†
  • Revenue & profit analysis including basic financial review, business dashboards and break even analysis.

New tutorials and tools are added as needed. You can make requests for customized spreadsheets or new videos/tools that you would find useful! 

Support & Coaching

Have you ever tried to reach your tax professional to ask a question and they didn't get back to you or charged you a high fee for the answer? There is a better way. The Simple Profit Membership offers live support in a variety of ways to best serve your needs. 

Member community & member only email * included with membership

Members can ask unlimited questions. The membership includes a private community for questions, organized by topic. Questions can also be asked in the comments of every tutorial. Members are given the member only email, so you can send questions any time day or night without paying any additional fees. 

Most questions can be answered within 24-48 hours, and research questions are typically answered in 2-6 weeks. 

Webinars and Q&A * included with membership

There is a new webinar every month on a variety of business topics. Webinars are recorded and saved. Join and see all the past webinars! Webinars are typically 2 hours and include a presentation, Q&A on the topic presented followed by general Q&A on any question. 

There is an 2 hour estimated tax Q&A before each estimated tax deadline. 

Some recent webinars include:

  • Separating Business from Personal
  • Budgeting, Planning & Money Trauma
  • Retirement Considerations
  • Hiring Employees & Contractors
  • Legitimate Options to Reduce Taxes

Members can request topics, as long as they are about small business operations.

Member services * additional cost

There are only three additional services that a member may choose to pay for in addition to the membership price. These are very low cost. 

These services are provided by me individually, Jennie Schottmiller, CPA, LMFT. 

  • 1:1 coaching $150/hour: This service is for members only. The fee is $150/hour and if you are paying $150 you will get the full hour. The fee is prorated for shorter sessions. You only pay if the session happens, so if you cancel even at the last minute, there is no charge. This service is in high demand so there is usually a 2-3 month wait (longer during tax season) for an appointment. There is a cancellation list and I try to accomodate urgent matters.¬†
  • Accounting system setup $100:¬†Get off on the right foot with your accounting softare, such as QuickBooks Online or Waveapps. For¬†a flat fee of $100 I will set up your accounting software provided it is new and has been used 6 months or less,¬†and data¬†was not converted from a prior system. This service includes a personalized how-to video once the system is setup.¬†
  • Accounting system assessment $100: Sometimes an accounting system gets off track and needs to be cleaned up.¬†For a flat fee of $100 I will look at your accounting software and explain what is wrong, fix what I can, and help create a plan to get it working and in good order. This service includes an overview video of what is wrong. Many times I can fix problems for no additional fee,¬†but if not, I will help you figure out the least costly ways to accomplish what needs to be done.¬†¬†

Coaching topics can include: 

  • General business: choosing your form of business, finding a tax preparer, starting your business, developing framework to support quality business decision making.
  • Accounting: choosing an accounting system, understanding your accounting system, using accounting reports as business tools, how accounting works and how it helps you manage your business, how not to be overwhelmed by accounting.
  • Taxes: estimating taxes, determining what is deductible.
  • Hiring: choosing W2 or IC, the process of converting from W2 to IC, determining pay, establishing processes around evaluating performance.
  • Cash management: how much and when to pay yourself as a business, reasonable compensation for S-Corp owners, implementing Profit First.
  • Financial analysis: creating and using spreadsheets, what to track and how to use the information, budgeting and planning for growth, analyzing the health of your business.

Next Live: Friday 8/2/2024 4pm EST
Topic: Owner & Employee Benefits

Upcoming webinars:
  • Friday 9/6/24, 4pm EST,
    Partnership vs. Collaboration
  • Monday 9/9/2024, 12pm EST,¬†
    Estimated Tax Q&A

Your price will not increase as long as you remain a member!

Your membership will auto renew at the same price unless you cancel. Cancel any time and it will not renew. 

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