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Accounting and Tax Business Coaching call with Jennie Schottmiller, CPA.

Coaching calls are $150 per hour session or $75 per half hour.

Topics can include general business, accounting, taxes, cash management and financial analysis. Select your session time below and check your email for confirmation.

  • Special: help and support for the pandemic economic shut down, including understanding the PPP loan and managing the forgiveness process.
  • General business: choosing your form of business, finding a tax preparer, starting your business, developing framework to support quality business decision making.
  • Accounting: understanding your accounting system, using accounting reports as business tools, how accounting works and how it helps you manage your business, how not to be overwhelmed by accounting.
  • Quickbooks setup: get your QB online system customized to your business and learn how to use it (1 hour).
  • Hiring employees: determining pay, establishing processes around evaluating performance. 
  • Taxes: estimating taxes, determining what is deductible.
  • Cash management: how much and when to pay yourself as a business, reasonable compensation for S-Corp owners, determining employee compensation, implementing Profit First.
  • Financial analysis: creating and using spreadsheets, what to track and how to use the information, budgeting and planning for growth, analyzing the health of your business.

New coaching clients use the first scheduler below. Returning clients, those who have had 1-1 coaching previously, use the second scheduler.

If you have questions, please email me at [email protected].




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